Course Description

The course is designed to develop the learners’ language skills so they learn how to cope in an English speaking environment, in professional, educational and social contexts. The content is based on the language needs for addressing everyday work and business tasks in all four areas of communication: reading, listening, speaking and writing. The course offers a qualification that shows a candidate has achieved an intermediate levels of business English.

Course Competencies:

  • Understand the general meaning of non-routine formal and informal letters, instructional material, explanations, articles and reports
  • Follow clear presentations, demonstrations, media broadcasts, advertisements and announcements
  • Take notes of the main ideas and supporting details in meetings and discussions on concrete and abstract topics
  • Follow and respond to different types of communication and requests
  • Produce structured and coherent longer written production


Skills Developed:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking



Course for:

Intermediate English

Course Duration

100 hours


Available on Completion